Bypass & Facilities

In comparison to other large towns, Boston seems to be lacking in quite a few areas. Boston’s roads are not designed to be able to facilitate the vast influx of traffic that attempts to flow through the town. A bypass would surely be a smart way to reduce the stress on the roads reducing the commuting times, making the town look more attractive for potential new residents and tourists. It’d surely help with the towns carbon footprint reducing the emissions of vehicles stuck attempting to get from one end of town to the other. Also with seasonal visitors from other areas trying to maneuver through Boston’s busy roads to get to other seaside locations with the only lasting memory of Boston being how bad the roads are.

If we are hoping to attract more people to the town then I believe that we should have a ‘selling point’ and improve its media portrayal. Spalding has better shops and restaurants and it is only 20 minutes away. It’s understandable that people would rather go elsewhere

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