Capital Project & Toilets

I believe the majority of the money should be spent on a capital project that will bring tourism into the area and support both Dreamland and the Turner Contemporary. This will create new businesses that will employ local people and give much needed revenue to TDC & KCC which can then be spent on important things like housing and poverty. We need to use this money to build a revenue stream that will enrich this town, it’s people and Thanet for years to come. I also believe that a part of the money should be earmarked to build two world class public toilet facilities at either end of the beach – currently they are a disgrace and virtually unable for disabled users to access and so unhygienic, I’m sure they’re dangerous. In choosing a tourist attraction to build, I’d like to see investigations into what has been successful elsewhere, what would excite visitors from London and elsewhere? In Brighton they have the i360 viewing tower, could we build the Margate Eye? Or restore the Lido?

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