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  1. A huge tower could be built on the seafront with a restaurant/viewing area on top.
    Other shops could use premises at different levels creating a different shopping experience.
    A dry ski slope could also come from one level and extend along the seafront.
    A climbing wall could also be provided up to a certain level, with different climbing evels of difficulty.
    The whole building could be illuminated with LED lighting as well as offering advertising spaces.

    1. car parking nice but a huge tower? that would ruin the view for many of the hotels on the seafront not to mention that it wouldn’t fit into skegness with a huge ugly block tower compared to all the other older charming buildings there is here its enough premier in have made a horrible looking building we dont need more of that kind imo

  2. Multi story car park, excellent idea but probably too much of a common sense idea for our blinkered council

  3. Creating a Park and Ride is a great idea. This would ease congestion during the season and encourage more day visitors if they knew they wouldn’t be getting caught up in miles of traffic coming into town. It would also help locals who are trying to get on with their daily lives and find navigating the increased volumes of traffic very difficult. These schemes work really well in other towns/cities I have visited. There is also an environmental argument for this. However, I am not sure the District Council would be so keen given the huge amount of revenue generated from Skegness car parks each year!

  4. A Park and Ride is a great idea to help cut congestion in the town during the season. They work really well in other towns and cities. I think it would encourage more day visitors if they thought they wouldn’t be getting stuck in miles of traffic coming into town. However, the District Council may not be so keen due to the huge revenue generated from car parks in the town!

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