Car parking is strangling the town

We receive thousands and thousands of visitors, who provide the life blood in business and commerce here. Everyone, residents and visitors alike, complains about the parking. Visitors will sail past the Park and Ride, fail to find a car park space, and then park inappropriately or take up residents’ spaces on private streets and car parking spaces. I suggest that the two main car parks be modernised with barriers to count vehicles in and out, and electronic signs placed BEFORE the Park and Ride showing where the available spaces are, so that visitors make more use of the available parking. This would relieve a lot of frustration for visitors and residents alike. I’ve seen this type of signage on the main approach roads to cities and it is very effective.

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2 comments on “Car parking is strangling the town

  1. Good comments and I think this fund should allow the town the opportunity to address parking throughout. It is extremely frustrating for residents and indeed visitors. Electronic signage, improvements to current parking arrangements and new parking is definitely needed.

  2. I live on Albion place and the parking is rediculause I need my car for work at 6am in the morning when I have lunch break I carnt get parked because of shop workers, Holliday cottages and general parking outside, I spend all my lunch break trying to get parked, make it a residential parking willing to pay so much, just for pease of mind when I need my car I can acutually move it knowing I can park it on my return,

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