Care for our historic environment

About 10 years ago, Warrington came last out of all UK Council’s in a Royal Society of Arts review of culture and heritage in local authorities. There were questions about the methodology, but even still, some of the few listed buildings in Warrington are in an appalling state. The former church of St Luke is a rare example by a famous Victorian architect, GF Bodley, which made the Victoriam Society’s top 10 most endangered buildings last year. The Old Rectory is an absolute blight on Grappenhall conservation area & really should have been compulsorily purchased years ago. There are swathes of Victorian buildings in the town centre, which should be reused for their character and embodied energy before new buildings are considered. I would like sustainable solutions that help conserve our historic environment to be an inherent aspect of future development, especially in South Warrington and the town centre where so much development is planned.

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1 comment on “Care for our historic environment

  1. It would be better if we could keep hold of the history Warrington has now without turning it into apartment blocks or ripping it down all together, we need to invest in what history we have now and improve it so people can visit, we have lost so much history over the years in Warrington and it’s a pity as Warrington has beautiful historical buildings and has a colourful history but we seem to abuse it, destroy it or let it go to ruins. We need to preserve it and be able to visit the historic places.

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