Cars out, people in!

Access to Worcester City Centre is absolutely dominated by the car – still! Dirt cheap car parking and busy, heavily congested roads make the environment unpleasant for walking and cycling, and impossible for buses to run on time, which forces more people into their cars. Worcester needs to break its love affair with the car and use all that wasted space (wide roads and massive car parks) more efficiently. Cities full of trees and people are alive with opportunity (just look at Leamington/Warwick and Cheltenham!) We need this approach here in Worcester too.

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1 comment on “Cars out, people in!

  1. An ideal solution, but probably not politically deliverable. There are however several ways in which car use in and around the City Centre can and should be reduced. e.g. Reducing car parking spaces, increasing parking charges, residents parking schemes and a workplace parking levy. Consideration should be given to closing The Butts to private vehicles and extending the pedestrainised areas or low traffic neighbourhoods on City Walls, Foregate Street and Lowesmoor should be considered. This should only be done alongside measures to improve public transport, active travel, bike and scooter hire and park and ride etc

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