more and better quality lighting and cctv in high risk areas to help act as a preventative measure for knife crime, acquisitive crime,asb.Most knife crime is in open spaces where asb is probably already an issue increase surveillance.Government are also giving away 25mill for tackling acquisitive crime,tap into this money.Increase interventions for young people in the community who are hanging around open spaces-give reduced fee sessions in constructive activities kids want to do-kids love rave wave friday night at water meadows-give incentives to local businesses in the week to run similar.e.g.put youth workers into bowling/freestyle jump/mcdonalds/pics to help’control’educate and engage,subsidise sessions-more youth buses to engage in areas yp hang around

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  1. I totally agree, we have CCTV on most parcs but found out they cant afford to man them so what’s the point!

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