Celebrate Stevenson’s achievements

There are six chimneys which vent the tunnel under Clay Cross. They are part of an engineering marvel and a piece of history. They should be restored, and be used as beautiful reminders of the historical importance of the railway and of Clay Cross’ part in it. Also the main road through Clay Cross has some heritage buildings that have fallen into disrepair and should be restored.

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1 comment on “Celebrate Stevenson’s achievements

  1. Outstanding point.

    Clay Cross has a rich history and should celebrate it.

    George and Robert Stevenson’s achievements in engineering and the role they played in the Industrial Revolution make them major figures of the 19th century, famous across the world.

    The tunnel vents as well as buildings associated with the Clay Cross Company or that era should be restored as they are part of the town’s heritage.

    And finally, what better tribute to the “Father of Railways” than to reopen a station in clay Cross?!

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