Central Hub for working mums/parents

Mums/parents in Northampton particularly those with small children and single struggle to get back into work. They don’t have family to look after the children and the free 30 hours childcare never actually gets you 30 hours as many nursery’s say that the government don’t give them enough per hour. The retirement age has gone up, gone are the days where grandparents looked after the kids because they are having to work to.
If there was a hub in the town centre where mums can come together and work different “home based office” jobs and training courses with a large facility to cater for a nursery in the same building it would take so much stress off and help mums manage. The hub could house so many training courses and facilities to help give the support and confidence needed. It in its self would generate jobs and in return produce a new generation of working mums.
We need things that help all round not things to just pump money into with no return. It could be amazing

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