Central Travel

Milton Keynes needs an efficient, modern and affordable method of public transport to move people between estates, villages, stations, motorway exits etc and the centre and e.g. monorail, metro or tram. This would ease traffic and parking congestion, cut emissions and improve efficiency,

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  1. It would be great to be able to use public transport like monorail or tram. If this could be done in a way that disabled people can access it using their wheelchair. And if if was possible for people to take bikes on the public transport too.
    Cycling path needs to improve, so bikes have right of way and can cycle to work or school reduce congestion of cars, improve air and maintain good fitness and health. There is evidence during the lock down that because of the Covi 19 people who are obese, suffer from type 2 diabetics and asthma are at much higher risk of dying. We in Milton Keynes need to prevent this by encourage children to walk or cycle to school and for adults to do the same too. Milton keynes can be a beautiful green city.

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