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  1. Please spend this money on the homeless. Milton Keynes is a town of extremes, over the last decade much wealth and development had taken place. On the flip side poverty and homelessness has risen. MK was designed as a modern town that would not have the problems of older towns and cities. It was designed for the people who lived here, to give them a decent standard of living for their families. In all the towns and cities in the UK, Milton Keynes should be fully supporting its homeless community. The work the YMCA is doing is wonderful but there needs to be more accommodation, more mental health provision, support with addiction and eventually getting back to work if that is possible. No one should be sleeping rough but if any town can make a difference it’s Milton Keynes!

  2. I fully support this amazing homeless initiative. This should be a top priority, why so many skate parks.? The protection and aid for the homeless should be number one, we live in a wealthy area with continuous economic and residential development. It is a travesty that we have so many homeless people. The Coronavirus epidemic is showing a lot of people living here in an unflattering light. This is not helped by the fact that so many people think skate parks are more in need than people’s basic human rights to have somewhere warm and safe to sleep and the opportunity of at least one good meal a day.

  3. This should 100% be the top priority for MK Council. The number of people suffering from homelessness in our town is disgusting. Everyone deserves a roof over their head and to know when their next meal is going to be. Please help those who are currently surviving without their basic human rights.

  4. Homelessness is ridiculous around Milton Keynes. This should be top priority. I can’t believe there is 3 options for skate parks and only one for homeless shelters.

  5. Great idea. We have the Bus Shelter MK, but this is only in the winter months, and its scope is limited due to financial limitations. A shelter that offers support to get back into the work place, retrain or whatever is required for people to get back on their feet would be great. Counsellors, back to work support, it facilities, mental health support; all needed to help this often ignored/forgotten sector of society. We’re all just a couple of pay packets away from this position

  6. Good idea but more housing and better housing is a much higher priority. I would think a Centre for the Homeless would be judged primarily on how many people it helped get into decent permanent housing. There will always be some people who slip through the net of social support (if that makes sense), and a centre they could go to and get help in one place would be very useful.

  7. Could there be scope for the centre to offer mental health support and rehabilitation from addictions support. In and around the centre. As the bed and warm meal addresses the immediate problem, but the wider scope could offer a more permanent solution.
    We do not live in a vacuum and uplifting the downtrodden can raise the tide for us all.

  8. There are so many disused buildings in Milton Keynes, one could be used to open an indoor camp/shelter with functioning soup kitchens/ for the homeless. (The old Sainsbury’s building has been empty for years whilst people sleep rough) resources for the homeless should be a priority without question. We already have a museum!

  9. I support this ideas as some people do not have the best start in life. Any support we can give as a community will help them when starting out.

  10. This is the best idea! How can we justify building a museum when there is poverty and homelessness everywhere we turn. We need to show some human decency and do the right thing.

  11. I fully support this idea. So many homeless people in Milton Keynes and appears to be increasing. It’s too easy to get into this situation and far too hard to get out.

  12. A centre for the homeless, the most vulnerable residents of Milton Keynes is a great way to invest and support the community.

  13. 100% this needs to happen.
    This will benefit MK in so many ways.
    Petty crime that the homeless commit may drop, drug usage may drop, the streets will no longer have people sleeping on them and begging outside shops.
    And most importantly these poor people may be offered the support they need to get back on their feet and live a purposeful life

  14. Such an amazing idea. No one truly understands what individuals go through or how they get to the current stage of their life.
    The best we can do is provide to those who are struggling. Ensuring there will not be any judgement, but instead, respect, loyalty and consideration.

  15. Something should be provided to help get the homeless off the streets and into their own accommodation. A centre is a start but not enough to tackle the bigger issue.

  16. I don’t know why, or need to know the reasons why so many people are homeless but as a town surely we can help them. It must be humiliating having to ask. How low must they feel? What if it were you or yours?

  17. It would be good to help the homeless to move on. Any facility should have a program to help people back into the main stream. It is no good just giving shelter. Also any facility will need ongoing funding so some kind of trust would be needed to run it that has funding.

  18. Good way to invest for permanent solution to home less train them to make them work and earn there livelihood and

    Also improving the public places likes play areas and gardens for the children.

  19. I fully support this idea. The number of homeless people in MK is getting out of control. Also more council housing need to be built to rehome families. Rents are ridiculously high and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to privately rent as they require you earn 30 times the monthly rent per year. So for a single parent with 2 children you’d need to earn £30k to rent a 3 bed house. Absolutely ridiculous

  20. Yes, wholeheartedly agree here. It is an increasing problem in Milton Keynes and if nothing is done to help these people, their situation will only become worse.

  21. There is a huge amount of people in Milton Keynes that are homeless and that desperarly need and want help. I think this is a great idea.

  22. Definitely support this – being homeless is a risk we can all be affected by – it is a problem that needs support – a centre with access to basic facilities and IT would be great

  23. MK shouldn’t be a city with a homeless problem and it’s ruining the main city centre. The homeless should be helped and rehabilitated directly

  24. I fully support this idea. We have comparatively few rough sleepers but it seems to be getting worse. We’re a rich town and should be able to support those in need. We could offer it to BusShelterMK

  25. I fully support this. It could be operated by The Bus Shelter MK. They have a small operation that they are looking to expand.

  26. I fully support this idea, as an ever growing town our homeless problem is increasing and we need a suitable, permanent solution to help those affected.

    1. I really support this initiative. MK Night Shelter is such a fantastic charity helping the homeless in Milton Keynes, but they just don’t have the financial backing they need to be able to help everyone. If some of the money was used the back this existing charity, I think they’d be able to use it to make a huge difference to our community.

  27. Fully support this too. The homeless population is beyond apparent in mk and they need a centre to recieve. Basic human needs and then have support and help to grow from there.

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