Centres for Young people.

I beleive that money should be put into renovating buildings & training people up to be Youth Workers. Here you will not only create some jobs for willing individuals but the main goal would be to provide a safe space with willing staff to help guide the young people of today in a positive direction in life & open up new opportunities to them such as after school drop in sessions, community work such as clean ups, volunteering, activity days or activity weekends to help them better themselves and have new experiences. As a young teenager I attended Reachout on Ash Grove in Darwen & all their funding got stopped & it is now mainly used for adult sessions. When really it should re-open for young people. Providing funding will help the young people of today feel like they have somewhere safe to go, to un-wind & make new freinds. It will also teach them skills for life and provide good experiences for them. It allowed me to grow confidence, express myself & mould the person I am today.

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