Chance to build local artistic and sporting excellence?

Firstsite Gallery has had successes, but certainly not in major engagement with Colchester residents. Regular focus on local art and artists could be part of way forward? New sport to Essex is easy to play, sociable, exciting Padel Tennis, now adopted by the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association). Its available in private clubs now at Prested Hall (Kelvedon) and Park Drive Club (Maldon) and in Brentwood, what about Colchester?

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56 comments on “Chance to build local artistic and sporting excellence?

  1. We have huge issues with congestion due to an explosion of housing developments and our infrastructure can’t take it. This is one of the biggest issues in Colchester. Locals avoid the town when ever possible and as a result our retail sector is suffering badly. Colchester has huge potential and is largely an affluent town with limited shopping in the town centre. Give start up grants to retail businesses and put our town on the map. Colchester could have a Brighton vibe given the right investment and foresight

  2. Helping the the homeless and saving nature would be a great start.
    Luxury things like art galleries are nice but when you have people committing murder on the streets, being mentally damaged and hopeless.
    Thats not fair on any living being.
    Giving love were there is none will make the city thrive with positive energy for sure 🙂

  3. The Scene, Colchester.

    Old cinema into a music venue. Big acts, world touring artists, movie stars, tourism

    Jessica Marie Howlett

    1. I love this brilliant idea bringing people into this fab town we live in and will only use a small portion of the money

  4. 1. Buy Middlewick Ranges to protect it from housing development, and leave it as it is, as a carbon reducing environment,
    or make a country park/wildlife reservation.
    Reasons to retain:
    Protection of existing wildlife especially protected species and those rare and endangered.
    Retention of open space for residents’ health and well being;
    for exercise, air quality, connection to wildlife, big sky, mental health and peace.
    Reasons against housing:
    lack of infrastructure; current lack of services, schools, GP services, hospital services. Already traffic congestion, poor air quality and regular flooding. The sewerage system can’t cope now.

    2. Take back control of town bus services and convert all busses to electric powered. Also make them free to use.

  5. Our green spaces are being completely swallowed up by buildings. The roads simply cannot cope with more traffic nor pollution. As Colchester is saying they are trying to combat climate change WHY then is Middlewick Ranges up for sale.? This is nonsensical it is an incredibly rare area of huge importance to the biodiversity of this area. It is a natural soakaway which is absolutely vital due to the frequential flooding in the area, plus the thousands of mature trees that would be torn down would be an absolute travesty. This is an extremely important issue.

    1. I totally agree, Developers have been allowed to build 100’s of houses with no thought to the existing infrastructure, facilities such as Doctors Surgeries, Dentist’s or other services.
      Flooding is a major issue as is having some public open spaces, Ipswich has 3 large parks we have 1.

      1. I agree, having just moved to Colchester the road system is horrendous. Not just congested (causing pollution) but very dangerous and confusing roundabouts. The pavements in Colchester are all breaking up and would be difficult for wheelchair users or people with walking frames. The Roman’s would have done a better job!

  6. Public transport being efficient and cheap to get into town. Roads – traffic is terrible and roads in bad condition. Health of our elderly, fitness and social needs to be addressed. Also, places for our teens to go for social get togethers.

  7. The expansion of housing in Colchester has brought the traffic to a standstill.
    Before any art and culture can be enjoyed in town we need the roads leading to town or around Colchester to be improved.
    Potholes are the symptoms of many years neglect.
    Improve the road capacity. This should have been done before allowing thousands of new houses to be built.
    There is no doubt some serious action needs to be taken to get the roads sorted, for cars, cyclist and pedestrians.
    It will need a lot more than 25m, but it’s a good start.

  8. Turn Jumbo into a tourist attraction that would make people come to the town – viewing points and cafe/restaurant at top – maybe glass panoramic lift through the roof like the Mole in Turin.
    Get Firstsite to engage more with local community. Remember how successful the decorated giraffes were with the Zoo?- allow schools to take over a room each at Firsite on a rotating basis – would increase footfall by families visiting. Make annual books of all the displays – local sales of books would be high.

  9. Compulsory buy out of Jumbo. Make it an attraction.(camera obscura). Redevelop Colchester Town Station, reintroduce cross town a new bus station/tram station at Mersea Road roundabout, redevelop Queen St, build a cultural quarter not student accommodation next to Firstsite. Odeon site, build single occupancy lets for the elderly. Build a new medical centre on the old Magnet & Southern site on Parsons Heath.
    Take back control of our Highways from ECC, so we could prioritise our own streets and pavements.

  10. Invest more money in grass roots football through improved playing pitches (3G/4G). There is a serious shortage in the region and many games get called off between November and March.
    Clubs are happy to contribute to fees and upkeep but need assistance with initial investment.

  11. More on green wellbeing and enabling people to get outside. More on ways to promote and use nature reserves and on increasing confidence in being in the prks and nature.

  12. This is not my priority – nor most others in this comments section by the looks of it! where are the other suggestions?

  13. Queen street is in urgent need of investment as it is quite an eyesore
    There’s a need to attract better clientele in the town and that area feels quite unsafe and unattractive
    Invest in social issues to house homeless people and remove them from the streets
    The park and ride is expensive and not working for people coming into town for the day … need to visit this also to generate more income and attract more money and better businesses
    How many pound shops does one small town need?

  14. Queen street is in urgent need of investment as the shops and businesses over there are quite an eyesore
    There’s a need to attract better clientele in the town and that area feels quite unsafe and unattractive
    Invest in social issues to house homeless people and remove them from the streets
    The park and ride is expensive and not working for people coming into town for the day … need to visit this also to generate more income and attract more money and better businesses
    How many pound shops does one small town need?

  15. I’m a local artist and would happily help paint some artwork in the town. I also think we need to sort the roads out, lots of potholes. Maybe the empty shops could be rented out to groups of artists and small traders and run like indoor stands the same as in Camden market? That way people can afford shop rates and it attracts tourism to the town.

  16. Fix all the potholes definitely
    More places for youth to hang around or even go to learn during days off
    More housing/better housing options

  17. Fix the potholes. If there’s any money leftover encourage investors to do something with the empty buildings including the old odeon and jumbo.

  18. Fix pot holes around the town and in the villages. Every winter it is getting worse. Modernise the town, especially around the bus garage area, bingo and Vinyards, Silk Road. Need another car park, not enough car parking spaces.
    Too many street drinkers, beggars hanging around in the day.
    Keep the history alive in the town. More shop units need to be filled.

    1. Have a coffee shop where youths can gather up to make a better community like youths centers in high woods again the crime in Colchester and youths messing about cause they have nothing to do

  19. Create distinction between the retail parks and the towns.

    Perhaps the football ground is more geared towards sports

    Stanway towards shopping for the home

    The town boutique shops and the arts.

    Make the town somewhere people want to spend time, continue the work in South lanes. Red lion walk looks much smarter. Agree with previous comments about crouch street and queen street. The high street also needs some love!

    Traffic of course is an issue and infrastructure. I believe our schools are reaching maximum capacity.

    We as a town need to think out of the box to get people to visit to get the town thriving again.

    What makes colchester memorable/ will encourage people to visit?

    The history
    The Zoo
    The arts

    Why would some from say the Lake District visit here? Think we need to get really clear and then that is where the investment goes!


  20. Have to agree with everyone who has commented. Roads and pavements in a shocking state. Traffic congestion is a constant headache. Litter always an unpleasant eyesore. As the oldest town (City?)in Essex, we should look after our architecture which helps attract tourists. Other historical towns and cities, I have visited seem to have found initiatives to help keep them looking good and coping with the traffic/road and litter management. Investment is desperately needed to be spent on these rather costly statues and signs. Let’s see better roads and pavements, increased park and ride facilities, incentives for visitors/residents to dispose of rubbish responsibly. Neglected buildings, with minimal funding could be used to home and support the homeless.

    1. I totally agreed – let’s fix pot holes fix broken walls let’s have more bins for every house hold so littler is blown all over Colchester . Fix the broken paths in the town centre – have more plants around Colchester – have the streets cleaner. I would love to do a walk about around the whole of Colchester and point things out to councillors . Reduce shop rates to encourage small businesses – we don’t need more nail bars or barbers . Paint the front of unused buildings or have art students to paint murals like the front of the old odeon cinema . Reduce parking rates in town so people stay longer in town you want them to spend money . The list goes on

  21. Sort out the roads and not just the main roads there are so many roads off the main ones that need sorting out my road is absolutely awful to drive on! Everyone who has a car pays road tax to then only have to spend more on our cars due to damage from all the pot holes!

  22. The patchwork of tarmac where paving slabs and cobbles should be look so bad. Next to a historic sign at the bottom of Maidenburgh St. cobbles removed, tarmac bunged in its place. I thought the Dutch quarter of Colchester might be respected, a bit more. Tourist attraction grade 2 listed houses but the footpaths here are so bad. Countless complaints over the years but Highways simply say it’s not a priority at this time….

  23. I would consider myself pro arts but from my perspective the arts in colchester has had some investment recently and continues to attract attention, but is not the number one priority. The most important thing in essex imo is transport. Colchester has some of the most polluted roads around and its it’s mostly stationary cars as people wait in traffic to get to work or amenities. Colchester deserves serious public transport alternatives to save the health of its citizens. Affordable, efficient public transport would stop people relying on inefficient cars and improve air quality. This shouldn’t just be limited to buses but should start with them. I’ve seen some other comments in this thread mentioning public transport and/or traffic so it’s clear I’m not the only one with these priorities.

  24. Deffantly need to do somthing about all the traffic in the town. Maybe offer half price bus passes to people who give up their car to get bus to work?
    Bus station needs to be better thought of, the one we have is dangerous and stupid.
    Pot holes need deffantly sorting fed up with driving over them and doing car in.
    Make the town more appealing to come and spend your money in. Stop building all these houses and no roads to support the amount of traffic in the town.

  25. Consider spending the money on the East end of Crouch St. The Odeon is an absolute eyesore. Convert it to sheltered accomodation for the elderly. Close the road to through traffic especially buses and smarten up so that it is an attractive street for local residents to visit with the same ambiance as west crouch St

  26. Investment into Shrub End tennis courts. Previously a club now owned my Colchester Borough Council and Colchester Leisure Centre. 6 state of the art hard courts with flood lights and 3 grass courts. All have been neglected and forced players like myself to join other clubs such as the Officers Club, Spring Lane, David Lloyd etc. I’d like to see greater investment into the courts to bring them back to the former glory

  27. It has been said that Colchester has a high proportion of people making short car journeys. It is also common that people use the bus when given a free bus pass. So use the money to develop/ smarten the bus station into Vine St car park. The council owns this land anyway Make the whole of the town centre easily accessible and provide free bus passes/ highly subsidised travel into the town from all the housing estates eg up to 3 miles. All buses to enter the town via southway. The additional income coming into the town should allow for the town centre to become a social centre with the theatre ,the arts centre, the cinemas etc and lots of nice coffee shops restaurants. Lots of small specialist shops, the market in lion walk and events in the Culver precinct and the park. Make Colchester a vibrant entertainment centre . It cannot compete with out of town shopping with the atrocious traffic and expensive parking

  28. Regenerate the bus station and make public transport a more encouraged and more used method of transport! We need more than just a tiny back road as a bus station. It should be a building housing shops, ticket machines and seating areas with a cafe etc with up to date transport information. Colchester is a huge town and we should get a better bus service.

  29. Stanway has the money for a social/sports hall but no money for the external facilities could we have some money to go towards a bike and skate park please.

  30. We should have a panel tennis club but also a 50 metre swimming pool for competitive swimming as well as a larger more accessible climbing facility.

    1. Build an Underground metro system.

      We all know there’s already loads of Roman tunnels underground, the workers carrying out the Ipswich Road roadworks have been running around in them for years. When the CBC Elephant appears on the Albert Roundabout, build a metro station there and link it up to a station near the Castle. Name it the Elephant & Castle line. People will think they’re in London, and everybody’s house will go up in value by £500,000 overnight. Prosperity for all.

      TFL to be sued over use of the term Oyster Card, which is clearly more apt for Colchester than London.

  31. The Council Should stop spending so much money on Bus Lanes & Turning blockages and start focusing on the Main problem with the town – POLLUTION. Get rid of these 50 odd year old buses and replace them with greener more comfortable and futuristic ways around the town. People are dying because of this issue but it seems to be shoved under the carpet. The government money should be spent wisely into our public transport system to improve the borough and county for years to come.

    1. Getting rid of bus lanes doesn’t solve the problem. The bus lanes are there to allow buses easier access around the town. Without them, the town will be gridlocked and bus operators will withdraw journeys due to the extra time added on to the journeys

  32. 3 bed houses or above fit first time buyers! Fed up of renting at the age of 28. Give this generation a chance of owning a house!

  33. Colchester is growing but the infrastructure is being forgotten, pathways all across the borough are being forgotten and left in a dangerous state. We want everyone to get out of their cars when ever possible but for everyone from the young to the very old it is difficult if there are dangerous or no paths to use …

  34. Honestly, so much of the town is run down and just looks awful and I’m disrepair (queen street, crouch street, etc). Money gets spent on things like new student accommodations and nice arts areas and cinemas which do create nice environment but equally on the same roads there are abandoned buildings and shops literally falling apart.

  35. The money would be better spent on simple basics, like repairing the roads and sorting out traffic congestion

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