Change of purpose

The way people shop has changed, people shop online or in retail parks now. We need to stop trying to invest in making London Road north a retail area, and cash in on its proximity to the beach. Make it a tourist area, fill it with restaurants, attractions, maybe bowling, cinema, soft play, laser tag, skating even, as well as maybe some arcades and possibly one or two souvenir places. This will create jobs for locals, as well as attracting more tourists, and it will still work in the winter as locals will use it as well. The economy will be boosted, which will obviously help everyone. All high streets are dying, but we are in a very lucky position that we can repurpose our shopping area into something that can make money due to its proximity to the beach. Stop trying to save something that is outdated and not fit for purpose any longer. We could even have market stalls back if we want to encourage trade more. Don’t throw good money after bad.

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