Cherry blossom trees

The council removed all trees from Causeway Avenue (and various other streets around Warrington). My suggestion would be to dig up concrete and plant new cherry blossom trees lining the street. This would add character, as well as reduce pollution (visual, noise, and air). I know the residents would be very keen for this to happen. Estimated cost for a 2 year old tree £200 plus a few hours Labour per street to pull back concrete.
Other suggestions include improving the look of the railway stations and associated bridges around Warrington town centre, paint the Manchester canal bridges, and add new access route for the Pallatine Industrial estate to stop HGVs from using our residential road as a main access point (causing even the house to shake when they pass).
I would avoid investing more into broadband (current speeds 400mbps). A new sports centre and cycle lanes would be welcome however.

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