Chesterfield Canal

As someone who worked in Staveley during the closure of the works and the coal mines, it was wonderful to see how the environment improved with the restoration of the canal and the development of Staveley Basin. To restore the canal onward through Staveley to Renishaw would bring a big improvement to the area. The “green” corridor created brings so many benefits to people and to nature and wildlife too.

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2 comments on “Chesterfield Canal

  1. I would love to see more being done for wildlife too and for the bees that’s are dying ….and restore it canal in fully swing so people like me can injory the beauty that around us all ….I hope this can be done ….

  2. I would love to see chesterfield cancel fully restored and make it look amazing for all to see view and even have a picnics on the beautiful area with flowers and improvements to ….bins and other areas like small park for kids and adults near by be nice too

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