A new massive kids indoor play area, affordable for families to allow their kids to play away in a safe play environment at affordable price. Maybe have a resturant/cafe so that adults can chill with wifi for internet browsing so they can work or surf the net whilst there kids play. Something for children upto 16years old like what they have at rushden lakes. BUT AFFORDABLE for families to use regularly.

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5 comments on “CHILDREN FIRST

  1. Outdoor/Indoor play areas needed.
    Most are targeted to young children.
    We need areas that also include children who are 8 years plus

  2. Corby needs massive Outdoor play area, not indoor. There’s no decent playground in town. It could be divided into two or more areas for younger and older kids.

  3. Yes. In my opinion, it will be an excellent opportunity for children to improve their social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. We have only one play area and the prices there are high. They are not improving or changing anything there. Children simply just do not want to go to this play area.

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