Children’s park and playground in Saltaire village, Shipley

There is a large council owned piece of land behind the now privately owned co-op car park. It has been derelict for quite some time with much potential for development. There are no immediate park or playground areas for children and families in Saltaire village to enjoy. Building a large park with a playground with some recreational facilities such as football/basketball area, possibly a skate park etc would be greatly beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the people in this area and would also boost Saltaire village as it would bring people in closer to the shops.

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3 comments on “Children’s park and playground in Saltaire village, Shipley

  1. I have hoped for this for quite some time and I have even suggested it in the past to our MP, Philip Davies. I believe the council owns the land behind the co-op, and a portion of it was supposed to be a property development. There really needs to be a playground/park built around here, as the closest for the people of Saltaire town is either Northcliffe, Hirst Wood, near Wycliffe School or even further, Roberts Park…all of which are quite a trek for people living in the Saltaire Town/MoorHead/Avondale/Nab Wood area. This would be a long overdue needed recreational addition to Saltaire, Shipley.

  2. I agree. The nearest park for the Moorhead area is Robert’s Park which is some distance away across very busy roads. Using this land for recreation with a children’s play area plus a seating area would be beneficial for all in the local community.

  3. That’s a great idea. I’ve been thinking g that for some time. We dont have a local playground to the Nabwood area. This would be ideal and would be great for local businesses. A trip to the park then down to the shops and cafes.

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