Church Square

Would be lovely to have a pleasant green space for everyone to use, the only thing is it will need maintaining and if you look around the town as a whole there isn’t a lot of this going on. Bins overflowing, fly tipping, drains blocked etc. Might be worth spending some money to tidy the town up first.

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2 comments on “Church Square

  1. I would agree with this comment expecially if you look at the aftereffects of the Castleford, Yorkshire, regeneration. Excellent work at the time but now a disgrace!

  2. How will this space help the majority of people in Scunthorpe, the only people who will the benefit are the council, or Ongo employees who have offices built in this area.
    They have for years been ploughing money into church square with no benefit for the town, instead of putting money into making it pretty for the few, why not look at spending it in the high street which is falling into ruin through lack of investment.
    The council are hell bent on spending in one area of the high street without any thought for other areas ,our high street is dying ,use the money there!

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