Church Square

Please make good use of the vast space on Church Square. There are two big offices with thousands of people working there. Some public realm- green areas, benches water features oculd be placed down there so its a place people can sit and relax outside in a nice environment. E.g like the peace gardens in Sheffield. The town also needs more restaurants to support the nighttime economy and cinema.

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  1. I agree with this comment and it seems a lot of people are noticing that other places have put importance on green spaces and that north lincs have basically destroyed them. We need new development but that can also be done alongside making the place look nice with a few trees and flowers water feature. I reckon cinemas are a thing of the past though, or at least spend the money on better things and we should move with the times and have outdoor film nights in the park that get people together. Get good local restaurants instead of the overpriced microwaved rubbish that is chains like Frankie and Bennys. Other places are shunning these overpriced bad value places. I know they’re good for some kids who just want to go to reconsider places that they’ve been told to go to from the adverts but let’s have more locally owned and run places where you get more for your money. When I’m working on sites in other places you really realise quickly how Scunthorpe is sad and wasted and that it’s the council not the residents who have made it look that way. There’s no happiness or life and there should be and it doesn’t take a genius to tell you (I’m not a genius lol) that some trees or greenery make the place a better place to be you don’t have to be sone mental health expert either to know that our surroundings matter. Even though the council tried to blag it that all that matters is town buildings. I work on a building site and I’m telling you there not pretty!

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