Cinema bowling complex

Better entertainment facilities for children. You have to go to nottingham or derby for the cinema. A entertainment complex with different things would be great. Also get more shops on the high street. Too many charity shops. Encourage a busy market place and local stall holders on a saturday. Better traffic system at the green. Can sometimes take 30mins to just get through longeaton. Local school could be given some money to improve bullying in local schools. Money investing to give a training college that offers apprenticeships for children leaving school. Money to offer a local transport system for the elderly struggling and needing hospital transport. Reinvestment and refurb to local area to attract people to live and shop here…

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5 comments on “Cinema bowling complex

  1. I really don’t know long eaton very well but I think this is a good idea re cinema bowling parking etc

  2. Excellent idea having an entertainment Centre including a cinema and ten pin bowling. Perhaps a food hall.
    It could be built on a upper level with parking underneath.
    Providing entertainment for all ages.

  3. A cinema would make me more likely to have a night out in long Eaton. I used our previous cinema a few times but stopped going because the screen was tiny and the sound indifferent. I travel all theway to the broad way in Nottingham because its staff and program exude the love of film, there is a great bar and great bars and restaurants around the restaurant. A cinema would be better with one really fabulous screen, that blows staying at home and watching sky box office out of the water, rather than two or three mediocre screens. A cinema could be linked into festivals and events with relevant screenings, and could be used to specifically engage specific groups ( e.g. Saturday morning children’s film clubs, dementia friendly screenings). I would be delighted to go to the cinema in Long Eaton and go for a drink afterwards with out having to worry about getting the last train.
    A bowling Ally would be great for attracting groups, including families and work colleagues to go together in Long Eaton.

  4. You are absolutely right, the town board should work with Derby Adult and Community Learning on this. Perhaps if the space were provided there could be community lead learning. Or perhaps people could meet up do there crafty hobbies together and share expertise rather that always a formal class.

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