City centre workspace

There are lots of growing creative and digital businesses in the city in need of modern, collaborative office space. Let’s keep these young, talented people working in the city centre.

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15 comments on “City centre workspace

  1. Great plan even if there is plenty of office space, not much chance of having any modern and innovative companies wanting to occupy the type of space that is already there.

  2. There is already an abundance of unused office space in the city. That’s why some of it is being turned into residential properties.

  3. I wouldn’t say the city had a lack of coworking spaces – the private sector has already filled this hole.

  4. There’s plenty of empty office & commercial space in Norwich. This can be easily accomplished without much intervention I feel.

  5. I’m currently in Norwich as a uni student and am majorly struggling with money. I’ve lived alone in the past and it’s just so different now. Therefore my search for part time work has been a long one. However my hours of availability are not desirable as I’m a full time uni student during the week. More student suitable jobs especially in the center would help so many people in a similar situation on track to being more financially stable.

  6. Would be better to have it round the outskirts of Norwich where there is already adequate roads and car parking can be built. Why put more people into a city centre that is already difficult to access by inadequate public transport and poor road decisions that make it difficult to access by car? My was the NDR built if not to increase business?

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