City Museum

MK Museum working with communities across Milton Keynes to co-create a major new gallery on the history of the new town and the heritage identity and culture created over its past 50 years and a community focus for future growth.

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16 comments on “City Museum

  1. As we already have a lovely museum, an art gallery and lots of beautiful outdoor spaces to visit in MK, I don’t feel this would be the best use for the money.
    We desperately need more social housing, more GPs/appointments, bigger hospital for the growing population, better mental health care…. The list goes on.
    I think private funding would be better for the museum

    1. Absolutely agree. MK needs better transport, social housing and affordable homes, help to the homeless as the town is now overflowing with homeless people who are in need of help and support, better activities and support services for children with special needs and another hospital or at least the ability to see your GP when you’re ill and to not be told that “there are no appointments left, call back tomorrow.”

  2. We already have a museum. I daresay they could use more money, not least on publicity but I don’t think t’s a very high priority in his context.

  3. MK should prioritise what we need with this money. Although this is a nice idea to promote and learn about MK, it’s not as needed as improvements to our hospital, transport or I think most importantly; being carbon neutral.

  4. The city needs a well-developed public transport system, so that tourists can visit the museum you want to build.

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