Clay Cross town centre facelift.

I would like to see the centre of Clay Cross, ie the shopping area of Market Street, given a facelift. I don’t mean the buildings so much, although a lick of paint would help in some cases, but moreso, the large pavements around the junction with Bridge St could be greatly improved with very little financial input. Just a few seats, grass and flower beds would improve the look of that area immensely.
We need to bring more shoppers in to the town centre, and for that to happen it needs to look more welcoming.
In addition it needs to be much more easily accessible. The town centre needs to be opened up to direct access from the Tesco development. At the moment it’s like all roads lead to Tesco, the dead ends and one ways that were put in place during that development need to be removed, and again, this is not a major or costly proposal.

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  1. Since Tesco came to the Cross the access to the centre has been made more difficult. Access to Bridge Street shouldn’t have been blocked off to cars. The buses that use it to exit the terminal could use the access they go in, on Market street to go out as well.

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