Clean and Tidy

God now’s what visitors think as they drive into this town. Road sign’s that you either can’t see because of overgrown tree’s and shrubs. or because they are so filthy there is algae growing on them. And the name plates for our streets and estates are no better. The roads also need a good clean as well as the pot holes filling in properly. Would like to see the mechanical sweeper out more than once every 10 years, especially with all the rain bringing rubbish onto the roads and blocking the kerbside drains. More traffic wardens at school opening and closing times to stop illegal and thoughtless parking. Stop wasting money on ridiculous art projects no one wants. Street wardens to fine those who drop litter/chewing gum/fag ends. Who drive their invalid buggy’s to fast through the town centre. Same for cyclist’s, this seems to be on the increase in town and on the roads.
Art work on the empty shop windows to brighten the town centre. Choose theme. Prize for the best one.

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