Clean up our area

Please work with Incommunities to clean up Incommunities land. Their land is constantly covered with rubbish and fly tipping. Residents are not reprimanded for leaving their rubbish all over the ground in communal bin areas, and they are not reprimanded. Grassed and shared areas are filthy. The council do not get involved as it is not council property. Please involve yourselves as Incommunities don’t deal with it properly.

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  1. Compulsory purchase of the dreadful eyesore that was Carnegie Library then demolish it and landscape and improve this busy junction to give better traffic flow and a much nicer approach to the town. The current owner should have been prosecuted long ago for allowing the building and land behind it to get into such a dreadful state. The owner should be paying the council to demolish it really as it must now be in a dangerous state having been left to “rot” for so many years.

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