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  1. I spent 15 years running a charity business in Boscombe that had to close down recently.
    Pretty flowers in baskets, colourful pavements and fancy round boulders are like trying to wallpaper over a damp patch – pointless waste of resources and time, if the drug problem is not sorted first!

  2. BCP should focus on the funds on removing the drug problem. Open dealing with what seems an acceptance form the police of doing nothing. Many people I speak too would rather this was solved rather than rebuilding the shopping centre. DRUG dealing is the real problem which affects EVERYONE. Police do not repond even when called. Have seen group of dealers sat on benches in the woods. It is scary as a parent and even worse for elderly folk. ACTION is need

  3. Too many rehabs and drugs given Boscombe a bad reputation. Spend money and sort this first before any middle class gentrification. Witnessed a drug deal openly done and also saw a drug dealer clearly from London, all during the day I was househunting. Hence I decided against moving to Boscombe despite its lovely beaches and gardens. The decent majority are not being given precedence over those dealing with drugs. No police in sight anywhere. The Council don’t seem to care and have allowed this deterioration.

    1. It’s a shame that such anti social behaviour has stopped someone wanting to buy and live in our lovely area . The problem needs to be solved.

  4. Not a bean should be spent in Boscombe unless s a large financial figure is ring-fenced for a major increase in police on the streets in Boscombe and I’m talking daytime and night-time and the hierarchy command must allow officers to enforce the law no amount of new benches and tree planting and giant boulders will change Boscombe it is the hardcore antisocial number that needs dealing with for over 25 years the same type of people who caused the same type of problems and nobody seems to put the majority before the minority that needs to change

  5. It’s a total embarrassment. Build on its good points such as its gardens which are superb. Put the road back through the middle. Learn from vibrant Winton and Ashley Road. Blow up the useless unused shops.Lets have high rise smart flats built. Make homes instead of unused shops and restrict shops to the arcade and close by which is pathetic at the moment.
    Get rid of the doctors who encourage druggies from different areas and get rid of the drug problem.
    Think creatively and ‘out of the box’.
    Build a Marina and a Spa – after all, that’s what started the area!

  6. Agree that you will never eradicate drugs but by creating Boscombe, which was a fantastic area when I was younger, as the bedsit and rehab centre, the council has has created a supply chain model unrivalled anywhere else in the country. Ridding the area of HMOs and hostels and bringing normal families back into the area will disperse the demand and the supply chain. Really not that difficult a concept to grasp.

    Also, pedestrianisation of Boscombe has created an area for these low life’s to hang around and create a rundown feel to the place. Christchurch has a weekly market, with the traffic diverted on that day but the rest of the time the cars and people flow through, reducing the ability for the vulnerable to loiter. Have never understood why Boscombe had to be pedestrianised. Get the public flowing back through.

    1. alway thought the pedestrianisation of the main road was the second issue . think your suggestion would work. have a one way (with a speed restriction) during non market days.

      not sure how you get the bedsits etc back to family homes without knocking them down and making smaller properties but that number 1 issue.
      we have a beautiful arcade that should be full of hipsters 🙂

    2. You clearly have no grasp of housing whatsoever to make a sweeping comment about HMO properties I can show you HMO properties we have and I would put them up against any building in the entire town we provide extremely decent accommodation and facilities our rents have been frozen for most tenants for over 5 years and most of our tenants have been with between 15 and 20 years and we have never had complaints from Neighbours or police involvement you should rephrase your comment get rid of bad properties and that includes non hmos you are probably not aware that many of the large blocks that may have 9 or 10 flats in them do not have to be fully licensed as an HMO if they are fully self-contained

  7. My niece who is a nurse living in London told me several years ago “if you want drugs go to Boscombe” so that is why we must eradicate the dealers and then help the addicts then Boscombe could become what it was when i was a child a lovely place with lovely buildings, now unfortunately it has become very run down it is so sad to see

    1. You will never ever get rid of the drug dealers without using a large portion of that grant for police enforcement action it has to be day in and day out and the numbers of enforcement officers need to dramatically increase otherwise people living in fantasy land

  8. We will never eliminate drug dealers , this Covid season has highlighted this.

    Radical changes in how and where users meet / use will need to be addressed as in other countries who have found methods of helping users.

    Drug dealers are rife in all areas.

    1. I agree if during this virus outbreak the police cannot even remove these people off the streets when it is probably the easiest time ever to do so when are they this is about enforcement and the law being and enforced we have every law possible in this country to deal with issues but if those laws are not enforced that is when you get the problems

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