Cleaner shopping centre with shelter from the elements

Some people have suggested a full indoor shopping centre. However, just having some shelter would be a massive improvement. It doesn’t need to be completely indoors but providing some protection from the elements would enable the shopping centre to be used in poor weather (think the bus station shelter/gentleman’s walk in Norwich/Norwich market). Also seating/rest areas would be appreciated. The few benches available are often taken, dirty and filled with smokers.
The shopping centre is also dirty and smelly. Stopping smoking would make the shopping centre feel more inviting, such as in Springfield’s in Spalding. I actively avoid the shopping centre despite living nearby due to my respiratory illness being exacerbated by all the smoke and only use the shopping centre when I have no choice and am as quick as possible. Fixing the drains to get rid of the drain smells would help. Improvements to the paving – where it has been taken up/put back down, it is now uneven.

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