Cleaner town

The town would improve just by having a good clean up. Cutting vegetation, planting flowers and getting rid of litter.
Also just general repairs of run down foot paths, pavements and roads.

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17 comments on “Cleaner town

  1. Good idea, but don’t stop in the town centre, try tidying up the whole county! Especially roadsides, first impressions count.

  2. Having a better idea on cleaning the streets and dealing with fly tipping would be good.
    The town is dirty with rubbish everywhere which takes ages to get taken away..

  3. Invest in independant traders. Free rent for a period of years to ensure that units are filled ?

    Use BHS or M and S as an indoor market to promote independants. Work on the Shrewsbury model. Get people wanting to come in to town for something unique and special .

    Focus on the shoe industry around Northampton. Give our shoe makers free store space to get people in and visiting the town centre

  4. This is a huge issue in Northamptonshire. Start fining individuals and reporting it in the local news. The more people here that they will be fined the less it will happen.

  5. Fixing all the pot holes in the road, as well as a clean up. But if people didnt litter or fly tip there wouldn’t be anything to clean up.

  6. The market square would make a fantastic space to eat and drink outside “European” style
    A really good clean would make the town feel so much nicer too

  7. How about Recycle and Reward machine that used in Scotland? Place it somewhere in town centre. Instead of littering people will place it in machine and get reward for that.

    1. This is a good idea. Have more of them around the town centre as well. Have general waste and recycling bins next to each other and have more of them around the town meaning people don’t have to look for a waste or recycling bin so they don’t feel the need to litter.

  8. The town centre and surrounding residential areas where rubbish collection is bagged are disgusting bags are put out when ever they get ripped open and people just dump there rubbish and household items anywhere. The money should be used to put in place a better rubbish service and used for community re-use and litter picking projects.

  9. There is so much fly tipping it needs to be accounted for and cleared. More Trees and plants along our roads would also be good

  10. They need to clean town centre bring more shopping opportunities in and free or low funded parking and bring back a decent market place we used to have a great market nothing here now so make it great again

  11. Turning lawns into meadows will improve not only insect populations but also irrigation, cut down pollution and also will save money in a long run, by cutting time spent on maintenance!
    If you’d like to hear more benefits please contact me.

    Planting more trees. There’s so much space around the city and in town centre! Just in front of our house on Fairway you could plant 2 or 3!

    1. Yes! Meadows are so much more vibrant, beautiful and active than lawns!

      The litter problem definitely needs sorting out too!

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