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  1. One of the centre pieces of Cleator Moor is the fabulous Stirling Memorial. Sadly it has been neglected over the years, with the fountain no longer working. Also, the impressive brass Stork that once sat atop has gone missing following repositioning of the memorial.

    The memorial should be brought back to its former glory, with a working fountain and replacement brass Stork.

    The Square as a whole should be made inviting to the general public and business. The hideous railings should be removed. Trees. Flower beds. Fast, free WiFi should be available. The library, town hall etc are looking tired – sympathetic landscaping around them may bring them back to their former glory.

    Let’s face it, Cleator Moor won’t return to the past with niche shops. So, it needs to be business orientated – facilities to attract business are needed, with perhaps a central Cleator Moor business park. Say, just off Jacktrees Road, but close enough to the Square to encourage use of shops that still remain.

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