Cleveland St. revamp and visitor destination with indoor market

Semi or Full Pedestrianisation of Cleveland Street with dropdown bollards, lighting, colourisation and an overhead canopy would greatly support footfall and the growth of Primrose Bell Market which supports local businesses and new traders around the area. The bohemian market includes music, food and drink and is becoming very popular as it grows to incorporate Station Road and East Queen St. This would support the growth of evening and night life in this emerging vibrant area

The old M&S building is on a T junction at a busy part of the town and is enormous. Turning this into a visitor and resident destination with an indoor market showcasing LOCAL businesses similar to Durham’s, along with a central ‘modern’ library hub relocation, tourist info and exhibition area, with hospitality upstairs looking out to sea would create the centre point the town needs. It would connect the seafront to the town supporting economy and improved accessibility between town and seafront.

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