Clifton cinema in Wellington

This 1937 art deco old cinema building in Wellington should be redeveloped as a community facility as has happened in other towns. In Macclesfield the old Picturedrome cinema building has been redevloped very sympathetically into a fantastic foodhall attracting lots of visitors and helping the overall regeneration of Macclesfield – its a brilliant place to visit and shows what can be done with imaginative architects and full council support. Have a look at and imagine what could be done with the old Clifton building with some of this town deal funding.

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7 comments on “Clifton cinema in Wellington

  1. This site has lots of potential (and not for housing) and keeping the facade would reflect the last art deco building in Wellington. An imaginative mixed use project could regenerate the whole site and really help the economy of Wellington.

  2. This is a good idea and it shows how some councils and businesses can see an opportunity in sympathetically using the facade of a building for a new use to bring in footfall. However, I can’t see Telford or Wellington Councils having the vision or innovation to do anything like that – sadly I think it will knocked for another ‘housing estate’!

  3. Disagree. We have the Food Quarter in Wellington Market, due to open Autumn 2020 and ample choice of cafes, restaurants, pubs.

  4. Great idea and an interesting way at adapting an historic building to bring life back into the town and this would help create much needed footfall.

  5. A good idea and much more imaginative than more housing as Wellington and Telford is now suffering from ‘over-development’.

  6. No comparison.
    Wellington has a new food quarter in the market, due to open this autumn, as well as a most impressive range to take-aways, up market burger bars, Caribbean and Punjabi food, Chinese and Indian cuisine.
    Macc is a different demographic and the picturedrome is not to be compared as a building with what is left of the Clifton. Business case for the Clifton would never stack up

  7. The old Clifton should be demolished to make way for modern energy efficient higher spec appartements with off street parking

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