Close the Low Level Railway

Close the low level railway through Long Eaton allowing the removal of the two level crissings which would improve traffic flow and access to the commercial premises on Meadow Lane. It would also ease access to the town centre from residences on this side of the town. The cost to create the bypass line has been estimated as £8million. The removal of this line would allow HS2 to pass along its former route alleviating the need to demolish houses on Bonsall Street and allowing the HS2 viaduct to be significantly less obtrusive. If HS2 isn’t built and in the time before it is the track bed could be converted to a cycle route. This proposal has been assessed favourably by the Midland Connect group. It would also allow train services along the diverted line from Long Eaton to Ilkeston to be considered as travelling along the high level line they would not pass through any level crossings, and so not create additional congestion in the town.

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  1. I have doubts that the low level line would be closed in time for the Town Board to develop it as part of the round of funding. It may also scupper our chances of getting a tram. Not this time around.

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