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  1. Yes!! We do need a more secure connection with Skegness as Grimsby College and Skegness College are linked. BUT you need to invest in the docks and what’s already around us to bring a more stable economic system to our town. Gives more jobs etc etc and GIVE US OUR RECYCLING WHEELIE BINS EARLY!! this Covid-19 is gonna be an issue for bins and recycling as their will be too much being used and the bin day collection every 2 weeks isn’t gonna be stable for this at the moment. Gonna need the recycling bins ASAP and it’ll need to go back to weekly otherwise people will fly tip more, they will over fill their bins and expect bin bags that have been put to the side will go in the lorry too. They will cram their recycling and probably go steal other peoples boxes to try shift more of this recycling. I should know I’ve had mine robbed.

  2. Bring the docks back to life and make the most of a unique area which Grimsby is great for! Get some more nice bars and restaurants there (like Dock’s Beers) and regenerate it. Also look to improve the job sector as for people finishing university (like myself) the only option seems like moving away!

  3. Renovate the Docks & help our next generation with jobs in the area. Look at other areas that have done this & made it successful. Use any money we have to help local people to get local jobs. I agree we do not have many facilities locally for our Children, trampoline park, rock climbing, cinema but we have buildings locally already empty that would suit this, like the old Wickes (empty for several months) even Freshney place have room to provide this but their rent is to high & this prevents these companies wanting to invest in being in Grimsby.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Renovate the ice house and more the heritage centre into it. Also include a renewables area to show how we are making progress and include some conference rooms. As part of the Kasbah improvement let’s have some restaurants and bars maybe.

      1. Great ideas-it can be done as other decaying maritime towns and cities have shown.A “watery” location and facilities has enormous potential for building attractive and desirable places to work, live, inform and entertain.

  4. I’d like to see Grimsby fish docks brought back to life like the London docks. Nice bars and restaurants, apartments, interesting little shops to wander around with the fishing heritage as a theme to attract people to the area, clean up the freeman street area and attract businesses and jobs to the area.

  5. Investment in grimsby/cleethorpes for a multi play arena for kids. Trampoline Park, Rock climbing etc. These types of places we normally have to drive out of town for, so would be good if more was invested around here, so it could boost local economy by bringing new people into our area.

    1. Thank you Maria, you’re absolutely right. I hate it when there isn’t much for children. It would be brilliant for teenagers and decrease trouble that get up to.

    2. This is a great idea but why just fotmr ids, have one tat can be used by all ages like the one in Chester! 🙂

    3. This would be good for all ages like in hull. And indoor structure for rock climbing, trampolining, cinema (cheaper than parkway because most can’t afford their prices) and maybe a large soft play area for all ages (at different time slots so everyone is safe)

    4. Put it on the old Pleasure Island. Re do pleasure island and bring money back t the area through adventure stuff and high ropes. I love this idea!! because you’re right, places like PGL and GoApe etc etc are like a good 2hour drive and a fair few families in this town can’t drive but if there was already 1 in the area it would provide tourism back to Clee and grimsby but it would also offer new job oppunitinies into the area and its technical Physical education for our local kids. It’d help keep teenagers etc off the streets causing trouble or graffitiying walls. If you made this acceptable for kids and adults then you’d be able to bring a lot of money to area as you’d have stag and hen dos coming to this, birthday parties of all ages etc, outside schools would come to this such as Market Rasen schools etc

    1. I would like to see the renovation of the Grimsby fishing docks. Creating space for many more potential businesses and urban apartments/housing. Possibly even bring the fishing port back to life where it can be. Also the use of new clee station would bring more people into the docks.

  6. More direct rail connection between Leeds & York

    Bring back direct rail connection between Cleethorpes / Grimsby and London at least every 2 hours

    Cycle paths around the town

    Money to support the modernisation of Grimsby Top Town Market with affordable rents/rates to attract younger generation of market stall holders and a makers market.

    Funding towards the redevelopment of the River Freshney to provide a mix of affordable rented housing, retail units and Arts & Culture

    Purpose built Grimsby Museum to House the Fishing Industry Heritage & local archives currently locked away.

    Funding for a modern Art Gallery /exhibition centre/cafe

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