Community Hydrotherapy Pool

At present we have a Community Hydrotherapy Pool that serves 240+ users from babies to octogenarians a week, it is 43yrs old, was originally built for children and saves the NHS and other services tens of thousands of pounds every year. We were looking forward to a purpose built pool which was to be built by Carillion which fell through, so please can we have a new Hydrotherapy Pool for the whole community.

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41 comments on “Community Hydrotherapy Pool

  1. The hydrotherapy pool is an amazing resource and really helped my partner recovering from injury. They deserve a new facility to help them to continue to help the community.

  2. Please spend money on River Lane and the steps leading down to River Lane. It is over grown, insufficient lighting and has become a drug users and dealing area. Please, please upgrade the immediate area around Stanwick Court. It has not seen money in decades. The 29 apartments pay council tax to the tune of £3000 per month. The parking in the immediate area also generate a substantial amount. Please plough just a little money back into this area.

  3. It would be nice to see more play areas for children and dog walking facilities ( bins and enclosed areas) a system to make people who cycle feel safer and more cycle paths and walk ways. More security measures in areas of Peterborough which is more susceptible to criminal activity and create a better and safer environment for everyone

  4. The ‘whole community’ isn’t going to benefit from this. The money should go to boosting the local economy. Maybe an exemption from business rates for all now businesses for several years? Or put the money into education? Building a pool (which will then cost money to maintain) seems foolish when the entire area is so badly deprived.

    1. This suggestion does and would benefit a huge and diverse section of the community from the severely disabled those with long term issues as well as those who have short term needs such as recovery from injury or operations a new hydrotherapy pool is a fantastic idea

      1. When my partner was recovering from injury, the pool was vital in helping him to recover and get back to work.

  5. Reserve sing of the road in muskham bretton as this as not been done in 30years and its really/ looking run down I

  6. Pbo needs a lot of money to change, here is absolutley nothing to see beside Cathedral ofcourse. But i don’t have a car so i using public transport. It is horrible. From home to work i have to take 2 buses, this journey take me sometimes more than 1 hour because buses are even 0,5h late sometimes (same journey with a car 10minutes!!!). Every bus going to city center, so dosnt mater where you want to go always you have to go to town even if this mean you will travel all around to get to your destination. How stupid this is?

  7. Art centre / artist space / exhibition space that represents and supports the visual artists of Peterborough and gives a space to meet, create, show and thrive is essential and long overdue.

  8. A cultural quarter and recognition
    /provision for the fact that we have the highest ratio of young people in the UK. This opportunity to provide cultural capital and extra curricular activity will improve education, family resilience and the overall wellbeing of Peterborough residents as well as begin to attract some much needed tourism. We have a strong history of heritage that we need to sing about more as well as making our mark on the future. I also want 4o see some innovative green transport strategies as our bus system is poor and the hike in train prices isn’t sustainable for most. More provision for the vulnerable in our communities to thrive and be included. Education needs a makeover in our city with more focus on community/adult learning of a high quality. Our community university project and intergenerational education Centre would be phenomenal if we can get some support to up skill and inspire our communities. Lastly, some investment in our river and waterways as its a neglected area of the UK and key to our future prosperity and identity at the edge of the largest wetlands project undertaken in Europe (the great fen) and the recent UNESCO biosphere status.

  9. Invest in University project in Bishops road and the surrounding park and areas with also coffees, restaurants and libraries for students. To add value to this city I think we need an area dedicated to young adults, now it is not a city for them.

  10. Youth services should be restored plus a wellness centre for all age groups. A train station or guided bus route at Hampton to Town centre would help with the peak traffic there.

  11. To open cultural centre where youngsters will have opportunity to go for classes such as art, music, dance, poetry etc to fulfil their potential, as well as build their self confidence for future. Other topics will be probably public transports and roads.

  12. New Schools and school bus and parks ,libraries,equipped hospitals university ,free courses for youngsters,shopping plazs

  13. Clean up streets round Eastfield Rd/Padholme Rd. And add barriers round corners to stop cars parking on the kerb. Otherwise agree other comments. Thank you.


    Please use the money to provide a bus services to all schools in the city. Further to that, determine a radius that parents have to live outside of to be able to drive their children to school, otherwise force them to take the school bus. This is will reduce traffic massively which in turn will aid noise pollution, the environment and risk to the children as a number of parents really seek to struggle with basic road safety.

    We cannot continue to allow the disruption of traffic the way schools are currently disrupting as more and more parents are driving their children individually to school and causing hassle to most.

  15. Following my first comments submission, a park and ride system to have a car free zone in the centre. There is no reason why this wouldn’t work as it works in other city’s such as Norwich. This would increase bus usage and improve income for bus companies. It is so frustrating to see all these buses driving around Peterborough with only a handful of passengers on, a waste of fuel. Perhaps a study could be done and if required, smaller vehicles introduced to the fleets at off peak times. In addition to this: I call Peterborough the ‘no frills’ city. It’s got everything a city needs but everything seems to be just ok. With the exception of the Cathedral and Ferry Meadows. It lacks high standards and anything impressive or with the X factor to make people feel good and proud to live there.

  16. Subsidise the bus fares, a Dayrider ticket is £4.50 for the day – that’s as much as owning a car. Make it £1.50 for the day and £5 for the week. It would help the poorest.

    1. Consider having a tram system and nicer shuttle buses to reduce the traffic. No more housebuilding or business parks. Soulless and crowded has been the result. Develop the riverside on both sides for small businesses, art galleries, cafes, community libraries and charity shops. For a population this size there is still too little to do. The Green Backyard is a wonderful space and should be encouraged in the centre of the city. More money for Vivacity. they created some fantastic free festivals and events for local people, with artists from France and other areas of the world. Brought people together and were the happiest of times for the city. Good that the cathedral is opened up for more varied events not just worship.

  17. I would like to see a tree/vegetation and grass management scheme on the sides of the roads ,parkways and roundabouts. Planting of wild flowers and spring bulbs and other self seeding scenery, where we can. Local meaningful monument type sculptures on roundabouts to celebrate historical relevance.
    let’s help Peterborough to look like it’s loved!
    Then the local business would feel more encouraged to sponsor key roundabouts.

    1. Agreed – there’s no care to how this town looks. The Bourges Boulevard railings are horrendous and roundabouts should have some kind of vegetation on them.

  18. More police presence in Woodston. More CCTV cameras to catch those committing crime. Litter and large dumped items to be removed by a street cleaner funded by this money

  19. We have a lot of green parks in Peterborough but one in the area near me never seems to get as much attention as others which is Bretton Park the area has just set up a group called Friends of Bretton Park which has a lot of ideas to improve the facilities for all

  20. Can we get some fun items for the city e.g a statue type 3 dimensional sign saying pboro, pop it in city centre, we can have selfies on it/at it!
    etc. They have one in Indianapolis, it is the letters NDY and a person becomes the I as in INDY short for Indianapolis!😁 could put it town end of bridge street.statues, rent a disability scooter, dog parks, dogs can get exercise and play and poo away from public, pop up some fenced off areas. Bring pboro into the 21st century, its stagnant for too many years, there is nowhere of interest apart from cathedral or museum, it’s a boring town, need excitement about town.

  21. Yes a new hydrotherapy pool would be fabulous.
    However £24 million pounds in cuts are being made by the city council. How about we keep funding levels stable, so that no more cuts are made. Services all over the council are being made and all sorts of services are being cut.

  22. Giving Eastgate a makeover.Painting where needed ie Black wrought iron street dividers.Fences made good ones put up that have not worn well.Make renters look after gardens.More bins for rubbish.Fly tipping warnings and some cctv in the worst spots.It looks like a sink estate in areas.Give it a makeover and maybe people will feel it’s worth keeping the place clean and tidy.

    1. I agree. Hydrotherapy helped me when I had SPD 12 years ago. Now I have arthritis in both hips and would benefit from it again. For a city the size of Peterborough one small hydrotherapy pool is not sufficient.

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