Community Infrastructure Project

I have a rather splendid project ready to launch here in Blackpool. As a systems designer I’d have to orchestrate the Happy Village project. Needs. £500k held in trust by a.n.other and 2 years.
It’s ground up entirely and is the only way to create the immense change (with new systems).
Dean Nigel Chambers.

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19 comments on “Community Infrastructure Project

  1. Get the passing loop installed on the South Fylde line. No need for a tramway extension which will cost hundreds of millions of pounds and all for a second class system. Heavy rail is the way to go and the South Fylde Connectivity Study favoured this method with a very favourable benefit to cost ratio. In fact light rail struggled badly in the same survey.

  2. Improve the look of the business’s behind the promenade. It’s also about time they invested in new illuminations. Kids are so disappointed they are so old and irrelavent. It would bring more tourists in the winter months. Signs for the beach and patrol for litter throwing and a rehab unit for alcoholics living in this town.

  3. Improve the look of the buildings on the promenade especially the closed down and boarded up hotels as they are an eyesore. And how many more years are we going to see scaffolding up on the ‘Revolution pub’ buildings. Visitors will respect the town more of it looks cleaner and well cared for with less derelict buildings around.

  4. Repair, reopen, maintain and properly manage the Climbing Towers on George Bankcroft Park or Incorporate a competition standard climbing and bouldering wall into any future leisure facilities.

  5. There is no community space for the arts for young people. I work in the music industry & am born and raised in Blackpool. Growing up playing in bands we had to play in living rooms, and scout huts. The council would always come and shut us down. Now I’ve been trying to set up a major music festival in Blackpool for the last 12 months and there just isn’t a suitable venue. The empress ballroom is too big & every other space is a bar which won’t allow under 18’s. If we had an all ages space It would give kids something to do in a safe and controlled environment. Music saved my life & gave me something to do when otherwise I’d have just been drinking on the park.

  6. I think homeless shelters should be made for any age so people don’t have to spend days and nights in the cold weather. We’ve had bad weather for weeks now and still see homeless people in a vulnerable position. When people visit this Town, I want them to see it as a normal living place, not just because you don’t have money you can’t have a chance to improve that. Trams and busses can improve wait times and the stop signs are ridiculously long. There are hardly any stop buttons near where I go every morning so it’s dangerous if I don’t see a green man. Cleaning the Town up would also be good to tackle the climate emergency. And we should bring back Blackpool Airport. Blackpool is a holiday place so why do people have to travel to places like Manchester just so they have to spend more on coaches or trains to get here?

  7. Make a homeless accommodation shelter, so that their is a place for the homeless to live in and then tourist and family’s can visit Blackpool without seeing people living on the streets in the disgraceful weather, so that they can have a place that they can call home again and maybe a volunteering support group so that they can look after the homeless people and make them feel looked after, when I say accommodation I mean where their are beds, toilets, showers, games room, kitchen facilities for the staff to cook meals for the homeless, and I would be happy to manage the place and make sure they are well looked after. I know a lot of people in Blackpool that have gone the extra mile to buy food for the homeless people and talk to them and make them feel like people in the world do care about people. As one day we could end up like them but we need to make sure that will never happen if the council have a place for them to live in, instead of making Blackpool look like a bad place to live with seeing all the people on the streets, we don’t need more car parks as we already have enough, and maybe build places like restaurants, shopping centre like Liverpool one and definitely make all roads safer with speed bumps and more signs, and make all road flat with no pot holes as a lot of cars are getting damaged from it

  8. Attractions bring people into town , a new idea for illuminations , water fountains to music a big one
    Bring something new and exciting to the promenade that will attract families
    Or go further back , the back areas of the promenade are grotty , tidy them and make the town nicer for families
    Use some money to start a new volunteer group with this task
    A more central coach park or dropping off areas too

  9. Is this that one that takes our golf course and put yet more buildings and no infrastructure?
    If it is it’s a big no. Theres plenty of areas that need that investment and near the hospital isn’t one of them.

  10. something needs to be done about the speed that cars travel down my road of dunelt road its a cut through from bloomfield road to waterloo road there are lots of kids and elderly people and the speed the cars go up the road is crazy there is going to be a bad accident soon if nothing is done soon

  11. Join the tram line up with the rail system in the fylde coast from the old tram sheds off lytham rd to south shore station up to kirkham and to poulton back to Fleetwood on back on to coast tram route run one every half hour

  12. I think some of the money should be spent on road safety I.e. traffic speed signs outside schools and also road markings at crossing points.

    1. Get someone who can spell to write this website. Asking how to spends 25 million? Spell checker comes on basic software.

    2. Signposts point to leisure activities but where are the signs to public toilets (and where are the public toilets)

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