Community is Key

I think we need people/facillities to help us build community…’vulnerable (so called but are they really…we need to work to peoples strengths) people can be engaged in the community and they can find their valued place in it….as Hilary Cottam (OBE, an innovator, author and social entrepreneur) puts it “embedding people in relationships with each other rather than with an often opaque, blundering state”. Her research shows this has meant less use of the NHS, less use of community care moneys. More about this is in her book Radical Help.

In reality this could include more late night buses, more community hubs, employing skilled community workers. Maybe more street parties to get to know your neighbours; more sharing of skills eg IT; creating cheap nutritious meals. As marginalised people are engaged, maybe less crime… etc etc.

There is interesting article here,

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