Community Running/walking/cycling track

A multi purpose track for running and cycling for people of all abilities. Millom has one of the highest obesity levels in the UK and running, walking and cycling are proven to be one of the best ways to get people active and improve overall health and wellbeing. The town has a cycling and a running club who currently have over 250 members who venture out onto our poorly lit and poorly maintained pavements, streets and roads in order to better themselves. A well lit, safe, accessible to all, low maintenance track would help to improve the health of the community.

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6 comments on “Community Running/walking/cycling track

  1. Being a member of striders running club I’m all in favour of a community track which everyone could use and enjoy whether it be for cycling walking or running, In winter with dark nights it’s not ideal so a well lit track and safe environment can only be a good thing and could bring people into the town if the track was to be used for competitions for all groups and ages a great place to improve health and well being too.

  2. The Millom Striders initiative and dedicated support of the local community has been an inspiration to many here in Millom and outlying areas. This local running club, and the Parkrun team, have been building an athletic movement that is growing from strength to strength here in Millom.

    Unfortunately, like most of the UK, we have seen local services reduced and especially health and fitness facilities have been downsized or removed completely (such as the municipal pool). The Governments own guidance states that increasing physical activity has the potential to improve the physical and mental health and well-being of individuals, families, and the local community.

    Therefore, given the popularity of organised and coached running sessions and with multiple running sessions per week, and group and competitive events throughout the year, the Millom area would benefit greatly from a purpose-built “Community Running/Walking/Cycling” track.

  3. A track would benefit all runners walkers and cycles. It would also offer disabled facilities for wheelchair and adapted bikes to exercise in a safe and secure area. Great area for kids to learn to ride a bike that is traffic free. Alongside exercise in the great outdoors taking in the fabulous views it would help overall physical and mental health over a vast range of ages and ability. Supporting lots of community and sporting groups in the area. Maintenance costs would be low

  4. I agree, the track would great benefit to the town and district, including visitors for social walking, cycling and running
    The nearest track is 30 miles away, we have zero dedicated cycling routes in or anywhere near the town. The government are looking to provide extra cycle training for Schools and the track would be ideal for this. I recently observed a child being helped to start riding a bike with his father on the road with all the risks the are associated with this. The child I know suffers from autism and on seeing this thought if only there was a safe track for him to use.Wheels for all the cycling charity are looking for a ideal location in the district and this would again be a excellent facility for them

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Have just moved to Haverigg and bought an electric tricycle with the aim of getting fitter and losing some weight (am oap). Be fantastic to have safe walking and cycling paths.

  6. I am the local Slimming World Consultant, and would love to see this facility in Millom
    Walking, running, cycling are all activities that my members can & do engage in.
    Parkrun is a fabulous way to start weekly activity, along with the Couch to 5k programme currently run by Millom Striders Running Club.
    A community track can only enhance these programmes for local people & encourage even more people to get out and enjoy exercise of all types.
    Millom Striders have a junior group who would also benefit from a running track, at the moment they can only compete in competitions in other areas of the county who have the facilities we are hoping for

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