Community, youth and small businesses

I’d like to see some money spent in getting some youth services like clubs up and running again since all have been shut down because of austerity. I’d like to see small businesses incentives and given grants to set up I dependent shops and cafes in the high street, I’d like to see old buildings prioritised rather than new shops etc being built, giving life back to the old part of town. I’d like to see grants and loans for community projects such as art clubs, craft, educational, swap shops, upcycling, mending workshops so we can have other things to do in town rather than just shop. It encourages community and looking after our planet. I’d like to see a review in our waste desposal and recycling in walsall, as I believe it is all just incinerated now. Also the council to embrace a composting scheme. And solar panels on all low cost housing.

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