Compress The Highstreet

Use this nightmare #COVID19 as an opportunity to reconfigure and compress the high street down to start below Aberdeen Walk. Reconfigure the one way system to take into account this new layout.

Link the revamped Market Hall to the Town Centre and open up the Vista to our best asset the Beach and Sea views. Allow the surrounding area to be occupied by local restaurants and coffee bars (who pay their taxes) and not national chains who magic away profits.

Every pound spent locally on local businesses recycles several times !

People that come to the beach could then visit the shops and restaurants and spend their money in the town instead of slot machines.

Turn the shops in the old top of town into Student accommodation instead of subsidising Coventry University to build a new build close to our most prized asset.

Turn the Brunswick into a Multi-screen cinema and fast food location – it already has the parking to bring people into town.

Of course the A64 !

Fixed 🙂

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1 comment on “Compress The Highstreet

  1. Couldn’t agree more, after walking through town this morning was going to log on here and post the same. So many empty and temp lets in the town centre with plenty available lower down the town. If the large dept store in the Brunswick closes then that could be the tipping point. Fill the place with the cinema assuming we still want one) and make it a games/leisure type centre, climbing, lazer quest, bowling, trampolines etc, we’ve seen how popular the T.Tennis is. Associated shops / food outlets would fill other units. Use rates and planning tools to encourage the migration of retail down the high street. Link the new market square (full footprint of existing buildings) with King street, Blands cliff and new low impact (mixed old town style accommodation and artistic type quarter) development on Futurist site.

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