Computer Controlled Pullover Flooring LED Giant Screen

To Transform the Central Pullover Flooring into a Computer Controlled LED lit Giant Screen.
The Pullover Floor on Mablethorpe Central Beach could be transformed using independent LEDs that can become multiple different colours which is controlled by a computer.
The LEDs would stretch from one side of The Pullover to the other horizontally. The LEDs would have a transparent cover strong enough to protect from pedestrians walking on them and vehicles driving on them i.e. the Carnival Parade.
The floor layout from the bottom would go something like:- a row of floor bricks followed by a row of LEDs, a row of floor bricks followed by a row of LEDs and so on to the top. When the LEDs in all the rows are used in combination this would give the impression of a large screen.
This screen could be used for many things from just lighting the area up to worded messages to advertising events/businesses to animation.
It could say ‘Welcome to Mablethorpe’ or animations for events etc.

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