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  1. Even if this was agreed and the approx £100 million was to be found it will be 20-30 years before a northern ring road would be completed. In that time the City’s population will have increased by 25% and congestion probably by more than that given most of the new households are 2-3 miles from the City Centre. Surely its in everyone’s interests to make it easier for more people to leave their car at home for more of their shorter journeys into the City and get there on foot, by bike or on an improved public transport service.

  2. I think that there are lots of good roads, but there should be more investment in public transport, and particularly in safe cycle paths to get people out of their cars. More roads aren’t the answer: better use of them is.

  3. We really need a new bridge, I have lived here for 20 years and the traffic has got worse and worse because there has been no effort to build another bridge across the river.

  4. The completion of the Ring road on the North side of Worcester City would ease congestion and reduce pollution in the city center. The Worcestershire County Council who are responsible for highways in the County and the City are guilty of ignoring this solution for decades.
    The misery this has caused to car drivers and pedestrians alike has become unbearable. The widening of the existing southern bypass will only temporarily alleviate the congestion. Most drivers heading north will continue to drive through the city.
    The use of the land where the northern route ring road would go has been earmarked for housing. This is a huge mistake and a gross misuse of power. The Worcestershire County Council has misled the Government continually and should be held to account.

  5. less traffic lights more roundabouts. How much does it cost to keep traffic lights going annually?

    Roundabouts – free bar the initial cost. Of putting it in.

    You could replace the traffic lights at the bottom of Sherriff street and make it all one way between Sherriff street and Tolladine road.

  6. Another bridge to the north of Worcester is a medium term necessity to alleviate the city centre congestion caused by the bottle neck city centre road bridge forcing traffic around the one way system. This would also mitigate the impact to transport in the event of significant flooding around the city centre especially if the city centre road bridge is closed or traffic restricted.

  7. Complete the ring road with a bridge to the north of the city. This would ease congestion through the city and on Carrington bridge. It would reduce journey times and therefore levels of air pollution, improving the air quality. Improving /transport links to the west of the city could improve investment in the area. Having an additional road bridge would provide additional resilience for periods when the rivers Severn and teme are in flood. We have had four 1 in 100 year scale floods within the previous 20 years.

  8. A new bridge to the north please. The city roads built in medieval times can’t cope with the amount of through traffic.

  9. A new bridge over the river in Claines/northwick area to Hallow area would definitely help with the flow of traffic in town.
    Also the crappy one 1 system through town needs sorting out… a nightmare for anyone that doesn’t know the area.

  10. If you hadn’t wasted 40 million on the st. Peter’s bypass disaster and roundabout we would have had more to play with to sort the roads out properly, it’s not the fact the road need sorting, it’s the fact that the people that are managing our economy in this city can’t do their job, but it’s ok for them to get pay rises every year at our expense

  11. Worcester must be the only city in the world with only three quarters of a ring road. You only have to look at a map to see how crazy it is. Joined-up thinking should have produced a joined-up ring road years ago. It has been talked about for at least 40 years to my knowledge. A bridge to the north of the city is essential, not a luxury.

  12. Any feasible way of reducing traffic through the City and over Carrington Bridge has to be a benefit. With continuing climate change, we’re likely to experience bad flooding again and again so we need alternative routes. This would also reduce pollution…

  13. A ring road to the north over the river makes complete sense as it will ease congestion in town and on the south ring road.

  14. I agree an additional road bridge would be v welcome in Worcester, with more housing/students/businesses /sporting facilities Worcester is grinding to a halt & even driving people away from considering working in the city due to the snails pace of driving across the city. Investment in this area would be beneficial in my opinion

  15. Worcester would definitely benefit from a range of measures to ease traffic congestion. This should include automated enforcement of traffic violations that see many local drivers ignoring (time limited) bus lanes and yellow boxes in the city centre, as well as enforcement for the taxi drivers who repeatedly wait illegally on double yellow lines along Foregate Street (and elsewhere).

  16. Worcester could do with having its ring road system completed. A North West Relief Road (as going ahead in Shrewsbury) may help with road congestion.

  17. Even if all flood defences fail, a new bridge with new roads could rise above the flood water. Not only this but new bridges and roads would also ease congestion!

    Please do not build new roads on existing roads, we have had this for years in Worcester and constant traffic is driving us mad!!

  18. A new road bridge would link the Claines and Hereford roundabouts, it would reduce traffic through the city and ease traffic on the Carrington bridge, journey times would reduce along with pollution and when flooding returns there will be viable alternative to Holt Fleet!

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