Build a flyover to divert through traffic from the town centre and swing bridge to reduce congestion and bottlenecks of traffic which stretch back for miles on every approach road to the ring road. This would make the town centre safer for cyclists and pedestrians which would also be conducive to the local town plan.

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8 comments on “Congestion

  1. The congestion around Newhaven is terrible and should certainly be looked at. Perhaps opening up the high street to through traffic would increase footfall, along with regeneration of shops in the town?

  2. A flyover over the river or a tunnel under the river would massively improve traffic flow and eliminate constant congestion as well as help the environment from static vehicles waiting in traffic polluting. There is plenty of road available for either improvement from Denton corner roundabout with double lanes on both carriageways. Also on the one way system there are two lanes all the way round meaning plenty of room to allow for the improvement.
    A width limit of 6’6″ would mean that the flyover would not have to carry HGV of any type meaning a cheaper construction.
    Simple improvements such as this are apparent in and around London and are very effective!

    The tunnel would be less of an eyesore although either idea would massively improve flow of ever growing traffic.

  3. Dual that A26 and the A27 east and west from Beddinham to encourage through traffic not to use the Ring Road , the C7 should have a 3.5 ton weight limit . Then build a new bridge further inland and link it up with the coast road beyond Telscombe with 1 or 2 access roads into Peacehaven.

    1. A Newhaven bypass joining the A26 north of South Heighton to the Telscombe Tye area, or past Rottingdean, with a feeder road into Peacehaven west of the C7 would greatly reduce the congestion and poor air quality along the coastal road.


    The driving journey from the east side of Newhaven (Roundabout junction of the A259 and Avis Road)through to the western junction at the start of the Brighton Road ( a distance of only 0.95 Miles )can regularly take up to 25 minutes at any time from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.The same applies on most weekend afternoons and frequent mornings too. Similarly,the travel time going from west to east over the same distance,primarily during the same time frames,can take up to 15-20 minutes.

    The most common reason for the slowness is ;

    (1)Sheer volume of Vehicular through Traffic.
    (2)Quantity of uncoordinated traffic light stops, five west bound and four east bound. (3)Filtering traffic from The C7, Railway Road Industrial Estates, A26/A259 Railway/Port Slip Road and road exit from B&Q/ Mcdonalds Business Park.

    Local traffic would only be a third to half of the volume. Commuters travelling between Eastbourne and Brighton and points in between contribute at least half. The overcrowded and congested A27 forces drivers to divert or use the A259 and severely gridlock all intermediate towns on their journeys. It is completely obvious and worse whenever an RTC or roadwork occurs.
    There is no easy fix as the topography along the coast does not allow any possibilities to use any alternate route.
    The biggest delay through Newhaven Town Circular is the quantity of Traffic Light Stops. Principally there for pedestrian crossings,with only one to allow traffic to exit the top of town Bus Stop/Car Park.
    Looking at the positions of the various “pedestrian”traffic lights and having spent considerable time over past months observing users,their demographic,the journey they appear to be taking,and urgency of their movements,there are two T/L locations that could be abolished,without detriment,and only requiring the smallest walking diversion. At the same time putting a greater footfall through Bridge Street and the town side of Chapel Street,which might have a spin-off potential for town centre shops,businesses and restaurants and definitely reduce the back up of traffic from both the East and West.
    The locations are at the end of Bridge,which is a twin junction crossing,and at the South Road junction.
    At the end of the Bridge lights there is another T/l crossing only 50 yards west at Bridge Street. North bound people can be easily diverted to walk along Bridge Street to T/L crossing at Denton Island , less than 100 yards extra walk overall from Bridge to rejoin the riverside path at Denton Island. In reverse,South Bound from Denton Island those wishing to walk riverside south of the bridge could use the Bridge Street route,or if wishing to get to the station or Port or the Drove can walk riverside to the bridge,stay on the North side crossing the river,take the footpath down the slip road to the under pass and cross opposite the main Railway Station entrance.No extra distance involved.
    The South Road pedestrian crossing users have an easy existing underpass at Chapel Street to divert to, or, yet another set of pedestrian T/L at Meeching Road further up the hill. The underpass has access slopes from all directions on both sides of South way. It is already well known and utilised by residents and visitors to the two doctor surgeries in Chapel Street. Again, no real extra distance to the town Centre and there is a cut through next to the hairdresser which comes out at the post office.
    Newhaven has long suffered an increasing traffic pollution. Lewes District Council and the Highways Department have done very little, if anything, in creating solutions. This is a simple and low cost immediate remedy,which will have zero future maintenance cost and will positively help the well being of residents,pedestrians and road users alike.

  5. The queuing round Newhaven is very frustrating even too many lights round the one way system (POT HOLES too!) – be great to do anything to stop the traffic jams/conjestion! Make the two roads that lead to Gibbon Road one way streets too would help going to school up there!

  6. I think this is a great idea. With about an additional 1,000 homes planned for Newhaven it is even more important to take up this suggestion

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