Conkers Community Farm

Conker’s, a community farm that will connect pople. The farm will be fully sustainable and run on renewable energy created from food and other waste. Our core values are the 3 Es. Energy, Education and Evolution. Stevenage used to be a leader but has fall behind in many areas including education. We want to connect with schools, businesses, the entire community to create a discovery centre where people can learn about new technologies, understand more about our environment and what each of us can do to affect change. Conker’s will be a city farm that is accessible to the entire town. Schools love our idea, businesses too but it comes down to Funding. We are at the start of a regeneration phase in Stevenage. Let’s include the people and not make it all about shareholders profit by proving retail and expensive accomodation. Let’s look at the wider issues of tackling loneliness in the elderly, connecting businesses with schools for apprenticeship/mentoring opportunities. #conkers

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