Connect Bearwood and Smethwick with transport

There are currently no good public transport connections between Bearwood and Smethwick. It would be lovely to have a single bus from the Hagley Road end of Bearwood Road all the way to Smethwick High Street and Rolfe Street station. A cycle route would be good too.

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5 comments on “Connect Bearwood and Smethwick with transport

  1. 450 was only used by those people over towards Cape Hill and High St from Bearwood, thats why there was a 444 and 448 to serve the Warley residents of Smethwick and Oldbury to Bearwood and High St, people like us arent anywhere near 450 so we never used it other than for the Hawthorns as it provided many people with a bus up there even those connecting via old 444 and 448 who would get off by Blue Gates and get 450. But people in Warley sections still need a 444 and 448 type bus for Bearwood or for High St so they can access banks, main library, trains etc those dont exist by them, plus direct links to Bearwood as its our nearest shopping centre, 2 buses is a psin despite whst Network West Midlands say!

  2. Its frustrating. Many in my section of Smethwick want to shop in Bearwood but the bus links are now crap, we need to access Warley Woods, Lightwoods Park, Bearwood shopping area and many have family in parts of Warley, equally people in Bearwood and Warley need access to banks, main library, job centre without having to drive, its cut people off with no car which is sad. The 48a bus could do so much more, its not always about linking West Bromwich with Bearwood super direct but linking people in Smethwick properly so they can also access local facilities and they can spend money locally. We have struggled to get to Bearwood for years which does Bearwood no good whatsoever! I am now being forced to drive there 🙄

  3. The 450 and 444 helped more people to directly move between the two locations without struggling and enabled people to have better train and Metro links (the 450 served Hawthorns, buses recently stop nowhere near it and have been of little use). People used to have better Metro links train links and links with facilities and shops. The 444 for example connected us to Bearwood and Hagley Rd for switching buses to Birmingham and other facilities and I could switch for 12. Much better to have a direct link the 48a could easily cover more roads!

  4. The two bus scenario from Bearwood to my section of Smethwick is a nightmare involves lots of walking and hard with carrying shopping if you have children are elderly or disabled or need the rail stations, health centres or Metro or shops in Bearwood, 2 buses is ridiculous is tiring and time consuming better bus links would be so much easier

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