Connect Newtown, Tolladine & Shrub Hill with the city centre.

Access between Worcester City centre and the Tolladine & Newtown Roads is horrible and unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. People who live in the Tolladine, or Newtown/Ronkswood areas face serious restrictions in getting to the city centre for work, shopping, or leisure. The route along bridge Lowesmoor Place & Tolladine Road is busy with road traffic and has a footpath on one side only, which is narrow, particularly where it passes under the railway tracks, and makes it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians to pass each other. It’s even more hazardous if either party is accompanied by small children, or a pushchair, or is a disability scooter user. The route via Newtown Road is similarly blighted. Residents of these areas are subject to unfair and unreasonable limits on the right to work, shop, and enjoy their leisure in the city.

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5 comments on “Connect Newtown, Tolladine & Shrub Hill with the city centre.

  1. Providing at least one and preferably more high quality Active Travel Corridors linking the eastern parts of Worcester to the City Centre is a far higher prioirty than the ‘nice to have’, but expensive Keepax Bridge ‘leisure’ project which provides very little in terms of improving active travel commutes and utility journeys that Sabrina Bridge does not already provide.

  2. I totally Agree with this point we need to improve connections from Ronkswood, Newtown & Rainbow Hill.
    Developing Walkways & Cycleways should not necessarily involve trying to cram them into the existing Road Network. The infamous Bus Lane in New Town Road, spent Public money but failed to deliver a joined up Network to the City Centre

  3. I agree with this wholeheartedly. As a pedestrian, the walk into Worcester from Newtown Road is hazardous to say the least. This is especially so when crossing the road into Worcester city centre, having walked under the railway tunnel.

  4. And sort out the dangerous junction of Midland Road / Newtown Road – traffic lights for north bound traffic heading for the tunnel because you can’t see the tunnel raffic light – along with a pedestrian crossing over Midland Road from east to west.

  5. I agree. I regularly cycle around town, including to the Hospital. It is hard to find a good route from the hospital to the town without going down a narrow, busy main road. Tolladine Meadows offer an opportunity to develop something new, or a good, segregated cycle lane and wide pavement on Rainbow Hill, Tolladine Road or Newtown Road would solve this. There are reasonable North/South Routes along the canal and around pitchcroft to the centre, but limited options to get out the city centre safely for the Warndon/Ronks/St Peters directions.

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