Consider sensored street lighting.

Half the street lighting is turned off at night but for early starters it is still pitch black in winter. When you are walking alone it can be quite eerie. Also with the recent bouts of crime in the area I feel that sensored lighting, much like security lighting would deter them as darkness helps criminals. I understand that leaving all the street lights on is not very Eco friendly, but by making all the lights only turn on when actually needed, this would save even more energy and be much better for light glare and the environment too. The sensors could be calibrated to not turn on for cars or bikes as they have their own lights or certainly should have!

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3 comments on “Consider sensored street lighting.

  1. I think this idea would greatly benefit the environment and the lighting would only be on when actually needed! More stargazing and less unnecessary light pollution. LED lighting along with decent sensors would be amazing.

  2. Would be good to get all the lights switched to LEDs as well to help save costs and reduce electricity usage. Could push for more green initiatives as well to balance out all the new and existing industrial businesses in the town

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