Right now every penny should be held for the high possibility of England following the same trajectory as Italy. They should already be stockpiling for the medical facilities in Northampton.

Putting contingencies in place for the elderly and vulnerable.

Designating quarantine zones ready to enact immediately.

But its northampton, only when all 10,000 horse have bolted from the field will they realise and then make up some sorry excuse.

Italys trajectory in just a month has left them facing imminent economic collapse. Low medical supplies. No respirators. All 80 – 95year olds who catch it are not expected to make it. Mass quarantine. These are but to name a few. What happens in 2 month, and then 3. No food, no basic needs for people. Nothing. No way to provide anything for anyone

We are not immune.

Act now!!!!

I can be wrong, and we are ok.

If you do nothing and are wrong. We are screwed the likes of which modern history does not know.

Dont play russian roulette!

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