3 comments on “Corby Cube Top Floor

  1. I like the idea of astronomy. The top floor could be used for so much more. For the best return on an investment in one of the most multicultural towns North of London…this town probably needs somewhere where we can learn new skills with other languages. How about learning astronomy in Polish or Latvian…car mechanics in Portuguese as an idea. Skills we all know and would benefit from…and learn how to understand eachothers language customs and cultures. We should…because there are many who’ve registered to stay.

  2. Mr D. I agree with most of your points but it’s not possible to un-spend the money! The Cube is here. It’s iconic. Either fix it or demolish it. The worst outcome is to leave it incomplete!

  3. The Cube was a waste of money from the start, well over budget and still not finished, you could have built a suitable town centre with the cost of the Cube, so why would ANYONE put MORE money into it ?
    Spend the money on things we actuality need like a hospital or proper road systems that are not falling apart,
    Corby needs a lot of things doing to it but of course the money will go again to something WE don’t need.

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