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  1. Agree that Lowestoft requires more powers to direct its increasing development but was against the amalgamation which due to lack of proportional elections has made it politically imbalanced bordering on gerrymandering but was in essence driven by austerity cuts and redundancies of permanent staff and would have made more sense ecnomically and socially to link up with Gt Yarmouth rather than Felixstowe corresponding with the NHS and Eastcoast College….well on the border with Norfolk and saw the case for Lowestoft and North Suffolk being part of Norfolk not Suffolk

  2. Quite clearly this suggestion isn’t relevant to the funding question and is all about the political parties likely to control either council. It should be ignored for what it is.

  3. I think Lowestoft as a town should be a council with district powers. It is not a parish. Problems arise because ESC have their ideas about the town that sometimes conflict with Lowestoft Town Council’s. As the second largest town it should be a district council like Ipswich. Currently anything that makes money like car parks is controlled by ESC who keep the revenue. Anything that is a potential liability is handed to Lowestoft-The Ness, Tingdene for example.

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